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Protopresbyter Victor Melehov: An answer to the requests of the faithful of the Russian True Orthodox Church regarding the so-called Coronavirus pandemic.

August, 2020

Dear Fathers, Brothers, and Sisters in Christ,

I am sure we can all agree that this past 1/2 year has been most challenging. We have heard this country’s government (both federal and state) demand and decree many controversial and contradictory statements, and decisions. First, the Corona virus (Covid-19) was not, and then was, from China. Then, this virus originated in a “wet market." We were told it did not come from a Chinese laboratory, but then it did. We were told the virus was nothing to worry about, and soon thereafter, the virus was very much to worry about. Then, there was no need to wear a surgical mask (said Dr. Anthony Fauci, NIAID Director). Later (and up until the present), masks were absolutely required, and don’t forget to wash your hands and keep your “social distance!” When Dr. Fauci was reminded that a mask only stops bacteria, and not a virus, he agreed, but insisted that it was a good example and a patriotic act. Now, Dr. Fauci is advising us to wear laboratory goggles in addition to the mask. To further emphasize the danger of this virus, the politicians locked the country down. Everyone was ordered to stay inside – all non-essential businesses and industry must close. At first, this lock-down was ordered for 2 weeks, in order to “flatten the curve.” Later, it was extended for months. Business were destroyed, and jobs were lost. Even now, the politicians continue to enjoy their new-found power – fining and arresting those who oppose their abusive over-reach. Hospitals have admitted to inflating the number of deaths due to the virus. Why? The federal government paid the hospitals thousands of dollars extra for each Covid patient. After "flattening the curve,” we needed to “test” anybody and everybody. Other than increasing the number of positive infections, it is still not clear why such, and so much, testing is so important and necessary. Soon thereafter, we heard of frozen chicken wings, goats and vegetables, all testing positive for Corona virus. Last week, the FDA has admitted that this testing was flawed, producing an extraordinary amount of false-positive results. (Dr. Deborah Birx, U.S. Global Aids Coordinator and Special Representative for Global Health, has gone on record admitting that the positive test results have been exaggerated up to 25%. Others have said it could be as high as 75%). Were the statistics adjusted down to reflect these errors? Not yet. Perhaps this is why so many people have been labeled “asymptomatic?” (No symptoms, but definitely Covid positive - perhaps there is no such category?) To date, we are still locked-down and restricted in various ways, and encouraged to keep testing, but that is no longer enough. Now, we must wait for a vaccine, which, they tell us, will stop the “pandemic.” Every time society was about to reach a goal set by the politicians, the politicians moved the goal posts. Why does social-skepticism rival “social-distancing?"

We have witnessed the government shutting down churches, and then limiting their function. In Montreal, churches were forbidden to give communion. In Los Angeles, people were forbidden to sing in churches. Protestant parishes in California are suing the governor over his invasive decrees. At the height of this political power-grab, churches were required to function “online” with only 10 people actually present, regardless of the size of the building. Yet, liquor stores and marijuana outlets were deemed essential and open to the public. More recently, in the state of Wisconsin, government employees were directed to wear masks as they virtually met over Zoom, each sitting at home, conferring with their colleagues over their computer. They were told that even though there was no possibility of transmitting the virus under such circumstances, it was all about setting a good example. As you know, the list of restrictions, contradictions and hypocrisy goes on.

Now, it is accepted common knowledge that prolonged seclusion (i.e., locked down at home is very much a house arrest), much like solitary confinement, has its own adverse effects. Locking nursing home elderly in their rooms, with no visitors, and no chance to even leave the room, had its adverse psychological and spiritual affects. To make matters worse, certain states forced unequipped nursing homes to take positively infected patients. In New York State, where this was ordered by the governor, this edict resulted in over 6,000 nursing home deaths. Nationwide, such elderly comprise 1% of the population. Yet half of all Covid deaths have been from this elderly population. Some accuse the government of intentionally reducing the number of elderly patients in order to save on their health care expenses. This should sound preposterous, yet knowing the fact that states like New York forced such nursing home infections in spite of the nursing homes’ objections and warnings, one must at least admit that those accusing the governors of “murder” do have an argument. Another alarming statistic from this lockdown showed that at least 25% of America’s youth have considered suicide.

Statistics now show that the Covid virus turned out to be no more dangerous than the annual flu. To this the politicians respond, “We successfully flattened the curve and saved lives because of the lockdown.” Unfortunately, there are no statistics to uphold this form of benevolent torture. To the contrary, countries and states that did not lockdown had results no worse than those that did.

When one considers that all of these actions were identically and simultaneously imposed globally in almost every country, how can one say that this was a non-intentional happenstance of individual mistakes, or bad decisions? Yet, if it was intentional, what can be said of the morality of our political leaders, as they executed their orders globally in lockstep? And, if that is the case, then who gave the orders, or was it just the mental telepathy of “following the science?”

Setting aside the above social experiment for the time being, I would like to focus our attention on what they now tell us will cure this Covid pandemic. There is much talk about the need for a Covid vaccine. The politicians say this will stop the virus. At the same time, these same politicians have been telling us that our lives will never be the same again. Why? How? To date, there is no answer. Has the vaccine become the final goal? Will it be mandatory for the world? After all, that is the population the politicians are aiming at. We are told that 30% of the population will refuse to take this vaccine. One can reasonably suspect the real number to be somewhat higher. Nonetheless, this is still a great number of people refusing it. What happens then? To date, this question also remains unanswered.

We must note that in spite of hailing the arrival of such a vaccine, no official - politician or otherwise, speaks of its ingredients, or what it might do to one’s health or quality of life. Whether it actually works, or not, what are the possible side-affects? Silence. Of course, this has led to many “leaks” and theories, true, untrue, and/or inaccurate. As you know, I do not participate in today’s so-called “social media” and try to discourage others from subscribing to it. (Remember: Everything you say, write and post stays on your record - forever. And then, what profit is there from this experience? It consists mostly conflict and intrigue, jealousy and pride, where one exalts oneself at the expense of others…, and occasionally some useful information.). Nonetheless, our faithful from Russia, Europe, South America, Australia, and, of course, the USA have sent me many links to various sites detailing an entire spectrum of events and information regarding this pandemic in general, and this vaccine in particular. As most of you are aware, there are convincing accounts of this vaccine being developed from the cells and parts of cows, pigs, and even human fetal tissue from aborted babies. There are those who are saying that this vaccine will be injected into one’s hand through multiple tiny needles, infusing an agent to permanently alter one’s genetic DNA and encrypting one’s life data into a bio-luminescent area on the hand. Some say the vaccine is almost ready for use (in spite of the almost non-existent time for it to be tested - such developments are usually tested over years). Others say the vaccine has been developed long ago, implying that global powers were waiting for just the right moment to release the virus to the world. To all of this, the only response we get from the politicians is that such are simply unfounded conspiracy theories. Very well. Yet, why not produce a substantive counter argument? What, then, is the truth?

My point for this letter is to bring to your attention the matter of this vaccine. It is one thing to listen to the politics and propaganda of an election year. It is quite another to consider allowing a foreign element into your body. At the very least, we must be aware of what is being said from all sides so that we might discern and take a position. I am attaching a disturbing YouTube link sent to me by one of our faithful. This is one of many which I have received. As with many such links, the quality and documentation could be better. Yet, regardless of quality and documentation, we must understand that many sincere people are trying to inform each other of what is transpiring. Of course, we must “test all spirits,” as the Gospel reminds us because there are often many insincere people trying to add "confusion to the confusion.”

What we do know is that the vaccine is being prepared on a global level. Never before has a vaccine been successfully produced for such a virus - not even HIV. As we know, the annual flu shot has had its annual short-comings, and most people refuse to take it. The statistics of the infected, the hospitalized and the deaths due to Covid-19 do not out-weigh those of previous viruses over the last several decades (Swine Flu, SARS, Ebola, etc.). Yet, the intense globally imposed regime to which we have been subjected has no precedent. The Covid-19 numbers are substantially lower than initially predicted, and do not justify the intensity of the response. With all of this said, the “elephant in the room” is the question: Why do we need this vaccine, especially on a global level? The issue is not just about Trump and the USA. It never was.

Another troubling question is: Why is Bill Gates involved here at any level whatsoever, especially as an investor? I saw another video, where he actually expressed his pleasure, knowing that the vaccine would soon be available. Is it safe to view him as an altruistic philanthropist?

You might consider sharing this with your families and friends as you see fit. This vaccine has been promised to affect our lives very soon. Before long, we will need to make decisions. If the above information is true, this decision is not only about one’s health, it is also a moral decision, which makes it a spiritual issue. And if that is the case, we should avoid this vaccine at all costs. Let’s pray that it does not become mandatory in any way.

In Christ,

Protopresbyter Victor Melehov

August, 2020


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