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Summary of the Meeting of the Synod of Bishops of the RTOC, June, 2016.

The meeting took place at the Cathedral of the Holy Resurrection, at the Synodal Podvorie in Worcester, MA, USA. It began on Monday, June 14/27, 2016, and ended on Friday, June 18/ July 01, 2016. Read more →

Declaration of Autonomy from The Most Reverend Stefan, Bishop of North-American Diocese ROCOR

11/24 ноября 2015 г. Преосвященнейший Стефан, епископ Северо-Американский, опубликовал Заявление, в котором объявил, что Северо-Американская Епархия переходит на автономное управление, его Преосвященство выходит из состава Синода РИПЦ и председатель синода РИПЦ архиепископ Тихон далее не будет поминатся в храмах Северо-Американской епархии за богослужениями. Read more →

The Holy Synod discussed the union of the two Greek synods - Greek TOC and the Greek Synod in Resistance

Assessing this alliance, where the confession of Faith was allowed to suffer a fall, as a loss of continuity with previous decisions of the Synod of the Greek TOC, and given the schismatic nature of the Synod in Resistance, the Synod of the RTOC continues to consider the present confession of Faith and the canonical status of the Greek TOC as being flawed. Read more →

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