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Protopresbyter Victor Melehov: The Fruits of a Schism

To build a union that is good and lasting upon a solid foundation takes wisdom, an uncompromising canonical will, an Orthodox ecclesiology, and the Grace and Will of God. To unite on the weak principles of one’s own varied desires, without an Orthodox ecclesiology, while disregarding the Holy Canons and pretending to proclaim God’s Will, may only lead to more of the same – schism. What we see forming at this recent Lesna convention is a compounded collection of schismatics, each spinning his own rhetoric of acceptance for the other’s questionable background and uncanonical maneuvers, each contradicting his previous position, all in order to reach an arrangement of mutual benefit. Read more →

Protopresbyter Victor Melehov The Calendar Question & The Papacy

Much of this article will consist of an excerpt from a previous article written by the same author (“A Point of No Return”). The purpose here is two-fold. First, focus must be brought upon one of the major divisions (and the source of this schism) between what is now referred to as the World Orthodox and the True Orthodox. This issue is often called the Calendar Question. The source of this division is the Papacy. Then, it is important to bring attention to what is transpiring today between the World Orthodox and the Papacy. Gradually, and with great caution, the World Orthodox leaders are preparing for union with the Roman Papacy. Have we not noticed both so-called patriarchs of the Moscow Patriarchate and that of Constantinople vying for the seat on the right-hand side of the Pope? Have we not noticed the occasional “trial-balloon” news articles announcing the “possible” visit of the pope to Russia? Why is this still semi-official? Because they still fear the adverse reaction from their laity and certain clergy (especially in Russia) to such bold attempts at a union. Let us not allow them to fear in vain. Read more →

Adding Sergianism to Cyprianism. The Latest Works of the Synod of Kallinikos GOC.

In Greece, the basic rights of the True Orthodox were already protected by non-profit civil societies, companies, and unions of persons. When this law concerning the registration of Religious Legal Entities (RLE) came out, it was rejected by most True Orthodox believers and ignored. It would simply have fallen into disuse by the True Orthodox and probably recalled at least as far as the True Orthodox were concerned, because as we will see, it offered denial of the Faith to the True Orthodox in exchange only for worldly benefits. However, the Synod of G.O.C. of Archbishop Kallinikos of Athens saw in this law an opportunity to have privileges from the Greek Government and also a way to stifle all other True Orthodox groups of Greece and all other dissenters of their plans. Read more →

Declaration of Autonomy from The Most Reverend Stefan, Bishop of North-American Diocese ROCOR

11/24 ноября 2015 г. Преосвященнейший Стефан, епископ Северо-Американский, опубликовал Заявление, в котором объявил, что Северо-Американская Епархия переходит на автономное управление, его Преосвященство выходит из состава Синода РИПЦ и председатель синода РИПЦ архиепископ Тихон далее не будет поминатся в храмах Северо-Американской епархии за богослужениями. Read more →

Protopresb. Victor Melehov: A Commentary on the Union Between The GTOC and The Greek Synod in Resistance (Cyprianites)

In considering the recent union between the synod of the GTOC under Archbishop Kallinikos and the Synod in Resistance (Cyprianites), or for that matter, the possible union of any of the Greek synods since the wholesale apostasy of the Greek Church in 1924, and the subsequent emergence of the many competing True Orthodox synods, one might consider that a miraculous event has transpired. If, on the other hand, all that has occurred was a merger between a True Orthodox synod and a heretical synod, we have witnessed a tragedy, or another apostasy. As the saying goes; adding clean water to polluted water does not cleanse the polluted water. It merely pollutes the clean water. Read more →

Cyprianism: Crypto-Ecumenism – The Heresy of Our Days

At first glance, Cyprianism appears to offer a “middle-of-the-road” ecclesiology to those seeking to avoid harshly judging “World Orthodoxy,” from Sergianism to the “New Calendar,” to Ecumenism. In certain cases, the ecclesiology of Cyprianism offers special solace to those coming to True Orthodox jurisdictions from “World Orthodoxy” jurisdictions. For many such clergy and laity, it is difficult to admit that they were in error to the extent that they were not in the True Church of Christ. Without giving serious thought to the consequences of their self-contradicting ecclesiology, they console themselves with the erroneous perspective that they left a flawed or ailing church to join a purer version – a True Orthodox jurisdiction. This error not only impedes their own salvation, but it also infects the True Orthodox jurisdiction with the virus of “Crypto-Ecumenism.” Read more →

A life of St. Philaret, Metropolitan of New York

Metropolitan Philaret, in the world George Nikolayevich Voznesensky, was born in the city of Kursk on March 22 / April 4, 1903, into the family of Protopriest Nicholas. In 1909 the family moved to Blagoveschensk-on-Amur in the Far East, where the future hierarch finished high school. Read more →

Hieroconfessor Alehander (Orlov) of Omsk

Hieromonk Alexander, in the world Athanasius Vasilyevich Turuntayevskikh (he later changed his surname to Orlov), was born in 1878 in Vologda province in the family of Protopriest Basil, who served in one parish for 50 years. His mother, who was called Olga, was a deeply believing Christian. There were six brothers and one sister in the family. All the brothers and the brother-in-law were priests. Athanasius was the youngest in the family. The Lord placed the mark of His grace on the younger son of this noble spiritual family from his youngest years – Athanasius refused to eat meat from the age of five. Read more →

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