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Right Reverend Philaret, Bishop of Paliny and West Europe


Publications of Bishop Philaretos

Nativity Epistle of of Right Reverend Philaret, Bishop of Pallini and Western Europe, 2018.

Why do you marvel, O Mary? Why are you amazed at what has come to pass? “I have given birth in time to a timeless Son” (Second Kathisma Matins of the Feast of the Holy Nativity) Read more →

Bishop Philaretos (Klimkitis): Mene, Tekel, Peres: The Synod of Kolymvari, Crete of 2016 and the Unrest of Some “World Orthodox”

In this informative critique of the so-called “Great" and “Holy” Council that was held in Kolymvari of Crete in the year 2016, I will attempt to explain why this council caused unrest even though nothing really novel for the “World Orthodox” was discussed in this meeting. We will analyse this Synod starting from its supposed goals, the idiosyncratic reaction of the conservative “World Orthodox” to this Synod, and the futile interim of those who remain in “World Orthodoxy”. And finally we will demonstrate how this council gives victory to the sagacious stand of the True Orthodox. Read more →

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